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Norvil & Josephine

Magician Double-Act Tech Specifications

The act can be performed on a dance floor or any clear flat space. We design the act for your event's venue so please let us know your venue's details.

Any questions? Contact us!

Preparation details at your venue:

For the full show, we'll need a few hours to get ready on-site. How long depends on which version of the act we do.

Stage and audience:

  • "Stage" can also be a dance floor.
  • A clear performance space (nothing sitting on it other than our own props) must be a minimum of 4-6 metres wide and 3-4 metres deep is required. The audience should be seated to the front or front sides of stage (not surrounding the stage).
  • Ceiling height above stage floor should be at least 2.5 metres if we do the escape finale (or higher with aerial act, see below).
  • If the stage is elevated, front steps into audience are required.
  • Stage background decoration supplied by venue, client or organizer.

Rehearsal: Lighting and Sound:

Depending on which version of the show we do, 30-60 minutes of technical rehearsal should be booked with the lighting and sound crew. If the show has aerial (see below), add 45 minutes to technical rehearsal time.


  • Lighting equipment and crew to be provided by venue, client or organizer.
  • Performance area must be well lit from the front.


  • Sound equipment and crew to be provided by venue, client or organizer.
  • Norvil & Josephine provide one wireless mic unit.

Backstage facilities:

  • Warm dressing room with tables, chairs for two people.
  • Warm running water either in the dressing room or immediately accessible in a private area (away from audience).

Outdoor performances:

Some material from this show may be performed outside.


Shipping to distant locations:

For distant locations, if doing the big illusions, equipment must be shipped separately. For the full show, six large airline cargo cases will arrive at the venue several days before the performers' arrival. Staff at venue must be available to accept and store this cargo.

Cargo Storage:
- 2x2x2 metres of secure storage space is necessary for stage props (requires lift access or no stairs to the stage level from dressing room—all large props roll on casters)
- Another 2x2x2 metres of secure storage space is required to store the empty airline cases.

Aerial version with Josephine going up in the hoop:

  • Height above stage floor to be at least 5 metres when hoop act is performed and rigging point is above centre stage.
  • There must be a rigging point over the stage to support 600 kilos safe working load.
  • Can be used with a stationary rigging point or a rigger (when applicable) is provided by the performers and his fee will be added to the quote.

Any questions? Contact us!!

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